Creating a brand for men who want to stand tall and get ahead. 


The Process

&BAM was founded with a purpose to motivate self-care and grow self-confidence. Having had an up-close and personal encounter with male-pattern balding &BAM’s founders were driven to formulate the most natural, effective product available to the everyman. They invited us to develop a no-nonsense brand that gave them a platform to share the story that took them from bald to bold and an identity to package their superior product range with.    

The Outcome

In an era of redefined masculinity, we built a brand founded upon empathy and humour. We developed the &BAM name, identity, and packaging to launch a product solution that delivers lightness to a serious topic. The minimalist packaging design is a statement of their fuss-free product use, with quirky notes to keep it real and relatable.  

Brand Identity

The &BAM identity enhances the product experience with a bold personality that distinguishes the brand from the minimalist pastel aesthetic that recently disrupted the male wellness space. Each element has been created to embody the founder’s wit and authenticity as well as their ‘get real’ approach to a category of false promises. Importantly, the identity is a direct reflection of the men who use &BAM.


A hand-drawn and natural typographic style adds charm and a personal signature to the identity. This crafted type is purposefully placed with ample white space around it and to give the language character without sacrificing readability.

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The brand story is shared through a cast of illustrated characters that allow the identity to travel across borders. Infographics make complex information easier to digest while illustrations remove the daunting feeling that usually accompanies the topic of male-pattern balding. Restraint of colour is a visual directive that we set in place to bring a balanced maturity suited to &BAM’s high-quality, non-medical formulation.

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Simple, consistent, and in line with the changing face of masculinity, &BAM has been designed to make a bold statement without broadcasting the affliction suffered by the men using it. Instead, the thoughtful packaging allows the product to fit subtly into any bathroom, with helpful brevity applied to usage instructions.

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We purposefully mix-and-match the various graphic elements to create interesting combinations that make a visual statement while communicating the benefits of using &BAM in a human way. The letterforms, characters and understanding how to apply these within a balanced system is what gives the &BAM their standout attitude.