Selema Masekela asked us to create an immersive identity system for his podcast, ‘What Shapes Us,’ by placing his diverse array of guests at the heart of the exchange.


The Process

Our journey alongside Selema Masekela, the founder and voice of What Shapes Us, began in late 2019 when Selema asked us to design a brand system for the launch of his first podcast. The experience was deeply emotional and inspiring for us as we collaborated to create an identity during one of the most transformative times in history.

The Outcome

Like a fine wine, an identity can mature, gaining boldness, richness, and deeper meaning over time.

We’ve remained part of the What Shapes Us Podcast journey, and staying close to the brand has allowed the identity to evolve in increasingly meaningful ways. This includes reinvigorating the core identity system and refining it to a singular graphic element, versatile in its application. This has come to be the visual embodiment of a dialogue between two friends.


Selema’s big heart, captivating worldview, infectious laughter, and unbridled enthusiasm for life are woven into every layer of the identity system.